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The Android universe is quite vulnerable to security threats from various cyber elements, with the most common risk coming for malware infestation. Unlike Apple, Google doesn't have a very tight grasp over what goes on the Play Store and as a result, we often hear Google clearing out numerous apps from the store to prevent further infestation.

The same has happened again but this time, it's not malware - this one is about ensuring privacy. Google has removed a couple of apps from the Play Store after concerns of the user's privacy came under question. A total of seven apps have been banned from the Play Store after it was found that they pose a threat to users' privacy.

Surveillance state

The discovery was made by mobile threat researchers from Avast who then reported the concern to Google. After this, Google went ahead and removed the seven apps from the Play Store. The seven apps under the scanner were found to help someone spy on others and invade their privacy. These apps require the spy to gain access to the victim's phone and install the app from the Play Store. Once installed, the app requires the person to input an email ID as well as a password, After this, the spying app is sent to the person's phone.

Avast says these apps are designed in a way that the victim won't be able to detect the spyware. The spy can easily hide the app and remove any suspicion even if the victim doubts. With the help of these apps, the spy can basically get access to the victim's location data as well as gain other personal data including call history, contacts and SMS. Now, there are chances that this app could be present on your device, given that these a[[s have been installed a combined , times.

The stories of stalkers, jilted lovers and overzealous admirers are legion.

Seventy-five percent said they had worked with victims whose abusers used hidden mobile apps to eavesdrop on them remotely. While there is sadly no shortage of stories out there, most are told under the cloak of aliases.

It Was Designed to Fight Terrorism. Now Spyware Lets Israelis Stalk Their Spouses

Although largely anecdotal, Krehel told me the misuse of spyware among teens was without doubt a growing problem. The end user agreements are clear. These apps are to be used for legal purposes only. The marketing is not pointed at monitoring fidelity, but rather what a child is getting up to or as an enterprise tool for managing employees. The app developers make it clear that any monitoring made possible with spyware should be done with the consent and knowledge of the party whose device is being tracked.

It is illegal to spy on someone without their consent. Krehel stated that while a person might get day jail sentence or pay a fine, the damage inflicted is sometimes life-changing with victims and the people in touch with them suddenly finding themselves in divorce proceedings, losing jobs or even committing suicide. As with all things security-related, it is good practice to assume that the unimaginable — or in this case the prevalent — can happen to you, too. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. MSpy alone has more than a million users. While it is possible to install spyware remotely on some Apple products, most often physical possession of a device is required.

Never surrender your device to anyone, or leave it unattended. Check out these tips for better internet safety. Never share your cloud credentials, since this makes it possible to install some types of spyware.

Real Number App

Protect your passwords and change them often. Or use biometric authentication.

Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace)

Check for installed apps and software this may require programs that review apps and software , and become acquainted with the software and apps out there. To further guard against fraud and identity theft , monitor your credit for any suspicious changes. You can get a free credit report snapshot on Credit.

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