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One big problem with parental controls is that many parents only think about setting them up on their home computers, where they know their kids will have access to the internet, but they forget about all of the other gadgets in and around their home that also offer internet access.

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While we might not live in an age where everyone's refrigerator has internet access some already do though , many other gadgets can get your child connected to the Internet, such as their:. That can be fun, offering kids access to online games and multiplayer online gaming, but it also allows them to chat with people and many include a web browser. Although parental controls are available for most of these devices, the average parent who doesn't use the device himself isn't likely to think about turning those controls on.

Before getting one of these devices that is Internet-ready or hooking up an Internet-ready gaming system to your home Internet network, be sure you know how to turn on any available parental controls. Parental control software is built in the latest version of Mac OS and Windows, but can also be purchased as separate programs, which often offer more features and more flexibility.

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In addition to this kind of parental control software, other things you can do to keep your kids safe online include:. Be aware that without parental controls, kids can hide their tracks by clearing private data from the Internet browser they are using, including the browsing history, cache, and cookies. In addition to general warnings about protecting kids from "the Internet," parents should be aware of some specific things that can cause trouble, including:.

MMGuardian Parental App

Although much of the focus concerning internet dangers has been on computers, few parents seem to realize that many of today's cell phones are basically mini-computers when it comes to the kind of access they provide to the internet. Take, for example, the iPhone, which includes an e-mail application, web browser, and an application to watch videos on YouTube.

Kids can also use it to send text messages, take and send each other photos, and of course, talk. How do you supervise and protect your kids when they are using a smartphone, especially when it has access to the internet?

Best Parental Control Apps 12222

The first thing you should do is learn how to turn on and use whatever parental controls are included with the cell phone, however, limited they may be. This might include parental control software that is actually part of the cell phone and others that can be added as features of your cell phone carrier. Many cell phone carriers also have services to let you locate your child at any time if they have a supported phone. For example, the Verizon Family Locator service formerly called Chaperone will let you view your child's location and can even send you a text message when they arrive or leave a certain location, such as school or a friend's house.

While there is mobile spy software that you can secretly install on your child's iPhone or Windows Mobile-based smartphones that monitor text messages and phone calls, cell phone carriers don't provide this service themselves, no matter what some parents may report. Spying on your kids is very rarely a good idea, though, and if you use this type of software, you should actually let your teen know that you might be reading some of his texts or emails as a condition of having the phone.

If you don't trust your child to use his phone, then he either shouldn't have a phone, you should turn off the cell phone's internet access or ability to send text messages, or get him a basic phone that doesn't have these types of features until he earns your trust.

13 Spying Apps To Monitor & Track Your Children's Smartphone Activities

Unfortunately, no matter how secure you have your home computer, cell phones, and other gadgets that can access the internet, you might not always know what your kids have access to when they aren't at home. So of course, the best parental controls are an active parent that teaches their kids about the dangers of new technologies and who is aware of what they are doing. In both of the above situations, since we had talked about not being allowed to play games that were rated 'M' and about inappropriate websites, they turned to another activity and let me know what happened.

Before getting your kids a smartphone that allows them to send and receive email, texting, or gives them access to the internet, be sure to:. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. I am sure that these phone monitoring apps and parental control software will help you in taking care of your kid thus helping you to maintain your family welfare. Fight against Cyberbullying with FamiSafe. Learn More. Try it Now. Thomas Jones. FamiSafe Phone Monitoring FamiSafe is excellent software from the house of Wondershare that helps in maintaining family welfare and in ensuring safe usage of smartphones by both adults and kids.

Features of Spyzie Easy user-interface and simple operation. With GPS feature, you can track the real-time location of your kid. The app deletes itself automatically from the destination phone. You can take screenshots of recorded call logs remotely. Cons The trial version comes with limited features. Once the data in the dashboard is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. Features of mSpy You can not only manage calls in destination phone but can also block the unknown spam and fraud number automatically. Acts as an effective KeyLogger. Pros User-friendly interface with ease of use.

Allows access to live location, calls, contacts, internet browsing, contacts and apps usage of Destination phone. Cons Live call recording feature is unavailable.

How Bark Works for Families

You cannot lock or unlock the destination phone automatically. ESET Parental control ESET parental control sets as one of the best phone monitoring app that monitors your kid regularly and helps them to be under your control but with the freedom that is necessary for them at a particular age.

Features of ESET Parental control You can set certain time limits for usage of certain apps and when the time exceeds, the apps will be closed automatically. With the help of Application guard and Web guard feature, you can filter the apps and websites that can and cannot be accessed by your kids based on their age. Cons Messages and chats on social media networks cannot be monitored.

How to Monitor your Kids or Employee Phone without knowing them

Screen lock feature is unavailable. Features of FlexiSpy You can intercept and interrupt in live calls too. Compatible with Android and no jail-breaking needed for iPhone also. Proves to be an expert in checking instant messaging. Pros Provides access to messages and contacts on destination phone. Takes screenshots of calls and messages remotely. Cons It is not a free software or app and carries a charge.

You cannot block unknown numbers remotely. Features of Spyera Helps in real-time location tracking. WhatsApp chats, call logs and social media related files can be accessed. Pros You can hack password with password Grabber technique.

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  7. You will be notified and alerted with help of control panel. Cons No live customer service or support is provided. Qustodio Cell Phone Monitoring Qustodio is our next phone monitoring app in the list that is proved to be user-friendly and an effective parental control software by its users. Features of Qustodio Qustodio helps in monitoring multiple mobile devices and accessing multiple children accounts too. The detailed information regarding call and text messages. Pros Ease of use with simplified dashboard and account settings. Helps in managing multiple users.

    It lacks the Geo-fencing feature. Net Nanny Phone Monitoring Net Nanny phone monitoring app is used for monitoring multiple mobile devices.