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Expect world leaders, the odd Kardashian, and plenty of terrible lyrics we're looking at you Sean Kingston. But it wasn't until three years later in that we saw the first model which could properly be called a phone.

Retrieve your Blackberry MEP Code

The could handle emails, web browsing and, amazingly, it could even take calls if it was connected to a headset. Back then, though, things were all business.

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Mobile phones were the territory of people in smart suits with important meetings to get to. This businesslike approach to smartphones, though, seemed to strike a chord with some of the most powerful people in the world. After winning the election he said that if officials wanted him to stop using it they would have to "pry it out of [his] hands". David Cameron was a fan too when he became prime minister, and Kim Kardashian was among the celebrities who endorsed the company.

By it wasn't just celebrities, politicians and businessmen using Blackberries, ordinary people had taken them up too. Remember when being asked for your BBM pin Blackberry messenger pin was as common as being asked for your number? With all this exposure, it wasn't long before the music industry cottoned on and started paying homage to the handsets. Unbelievably, Lana Del Rey recorded a synth-pop track about sexting called BBM Baby in , but it didn't get unearthed until earlier this year. Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy take the prize for the most poetic tribute though, for their offering simply called BBM.

BBM me every day. In thousands of people rioted in cities across England, after a man was shot dead by police in Tottenham. In the aftermath politicians and members of the police force suggested that the unrest had been organised on BBM. Some even questioned whether the technology was partially to blame for the riots.

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Find My Blackberry Phone – Track Blackberry Mobile

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TracknShield Installation on Blackberry Device

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When you're locked out of your iPhone

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BlackBerry Bold smartphone Support | Verizon Wireless

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